Welcome to the new era of Ei8ht! Formerly the Family, Ei8ht will be creating it’s own unique voice and showcasing the most diverse range of entertainment from around the world. Remaining true to the history of the venue, Ei8ht will continue to push the envelope in providing a sensory splendour with it’s glamourous interior, world-class sound system and reputation as one of Australia’s greatest clubbing experiences.

Ei8ht is launching with three distinct nights; ‘ONE’ on Saturdays, the now legendary ‘Fluffy’ on Sundays and an enticing array of special events every Friday night. ONE will deliver an atmospheric and eccentric night of entertainment with the best local and international performers every week. Guests can expect something unique at ONE with the evening boasting dance performers, singers, visual artists, dazzling sound and lighting, interactive performers and stage shows that fuse burlesque with new age culture


FLUFFY – 18.06.17

FLUFFY – 25.06.17

FLUFFY – 02.07.17

FLUFFY – 09.07.17

ONE on SATURDAY – 17.06.17




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Ei8ht is part of the Katarzyna Group. All rights reserved 2017.