Brisbane icon redefines the industry with an all-inclusive approach to nightlife

Launching on June 17th, Brisbane’s iconic nightclub ‘The Family’ will be reopening its doors as the new venueEI8HT’ – pronounced eight; an industry leading, multi-faceted space designed to highlight an array of entertainment and deliver an inclusive approach to nightlife.

After 16 years, the team behind The Family are excited to announce the venue’s new identity and how EI8HT will evolve the party icon into a multi-faceted space with a more diverse range of offerings. The team will honour the history of the venue, while they redefine EI8HT as the ultimate place to party, meet new people and celebrate Brisbane’s inclusivity.

EI8HT will launch with two distinct club nights; ‘ONE’ on Saturdays and ‘Fluffy’ on Sundays. Building upon the ideals established by the all-inclusive Sunday club night Fluffy, EI8HT will be a place for acceptance, open-mindedness and diversity as at EI8HT we come together as one.

The team’s Saturday night offering further celebrates this ideal under the banner of ‘ONE’. With its launch, ONE will deliver an atmospheric and eccentric night of entertainment, performances, music and hosts in an effort to celebrate the collective identity of the community.

Every week guests can expect to see something unique, with ONE delivering some of the best local and international performers from all of the arts, including dance, burlesque, singers, visual artists, DJs and drag queens, offering an experience everyone can enjoy.

Harry Katsanevas from The Family spoke of his excitement of the venue’s new approach to nightlife.

“I’ve had the privilege of being apart of The Family since the beginning. It revolutionised the clubbing landscape in Brisbane and paved the way for a nightlife revolution in this city. I’m now excited to pave its evolution into an inclusive space, which I feel is missing in our community,” Mr Katsanevas said.

“This space will have a unique voice and showcase the most diverse forms of entertainment Brisbane has ever seen.”

ONE will be a celebration of inclusivity, created for those who love Fluffy and have been waiting for this revolution of the Brisbane nightlife scene, where the differences and diversity of us all are celebrated on the main stage.

The rooftop at EI8HT will transform into the Flaming Canary Rooftop Bar with a completely new fit out to rival even the greatest outdoor terraces in the world, delivering both the chic and the unique. The top floor will be the place to come alive and the new edition of the Flaming Canary Dance Bar will be a space to dance the night away with all of your closest friends.

The fun definitely won’t stop there with special events being hosted on Friday evenings to ensure your weekend kicks off with opportunities to connect and celebrate with like-minded people.

The Family has had a vivid history of creating some of the city’s most memorable nights out. Everyone has their story from The Family and for many, it’s a nostalgic vision of their youth, while for others it means a party with their friends on any given weekend.

The evolution of The Family comes the opportunity for growth and the anticipation of how EI8HT sets to redefine Brisbane nightlife with a community that celebrates everyone as equal.

EI8HT will open on Saturday 17th June with a night celebrating both the old and the new, as the iconic venue is reborn. Good times ahead!

Originally published as ‘Family Nightclub Reopens as Ei8ht’ in the Good Guide on 22/05/17

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