We spend too much time beating ourselves up, wasting energy on being sorry for things out of our control. All we do is try to accommodate others, leaving us feeling insignificant in being ourselves. Well, fuck that. We’re sick of putting ourselves last, apologising for crap that we shouldn’t be sorry for. You like sex? Give a fuck about your ex? Like boys? Girls? Anything in between? So what? It’s 2017 and we are done apologising.

When you come to our party you leave all that crap at the door. Just let it go. We’re here to celebrate some of the best new and upcoming music, fashion and art on the Australian and international scenes with people who represent our no-holds-barred approach to straight up killing it.

‘NOT SORRY’ is not for the faint-hearted. This continually evolving weekly party is a ‘dress up and get messed up’ night of mayhem and mischief, with a soundtrack of bassy house, hip-hop, rap, old school bangers, trap, R&B and UK garage. Pretty much anything with a bass-line filthy enough to make your mother blush. So give yourself a break and put that middle finger up to everything that brings you down, and if that offends you? Sorry, but we’re NOT SORRY.

Coming Nov 4th x


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