Welcome to a new era

For as long as we can remember, the Family Nightclub has long been an institution of Brisbane nightlife. We’ve seen the best names in international dance music cross its threshold to perform epic sets that have thrilled everyone. From Tiesto to Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox and Above & Beyond. It’s the club where local artists like Jason Morely, Habebe and DJ Mr Sparkles found their footing to become local turntable legends.

Come June 17, the iconic nightclub will be closing its doors as The Family and reopening as the new venue EI8HT (pronounced eight).  Building upon the objectives of the all-inclusive Sunday club night Fluffy, EI8HT will be a place for acceptance, open-mindedness and diversity.

Having been a part of the Brisbane nightlife for over 15 years, The Family was a glamorous addition to the Valley’s underground digs revolutionising the clubbing landscape and aided in transforming the entertainment precinct into what it is today.

The new space EI8HT will be creating its own unique voice and showcasing the most diverse forms of entertainment. Remaining true to the history of the venue, it will continue to push the envelope in entertainment making it an ultimate place to party, meet new people and celebrate Brisbane’s inclusivity.


EI8HT will launch with two distinct club nights; ‘ONE’ on Saturdays and ‘Fluffy’ on Sundays. Fluffy on Sunday’s will remain as Brisbane’s biggest and best party flaunting a gay-friendly environment with premium entertainment and dancefloor’s top music anthems.

The Saturday night offerings will see ONE deliver an atmospheric and eccentric night of entertainment with the best local and international performers stopping by. Each week, patrons can expect something unique at ONE with the evening uniting dance performances, singers, visual artists, music, video, light, interactive performers for a stage show that fuses burlesque with new age culture.

The fun definitely won’t stop there with special events being hosted on Friday evenings to ensure your weekend kicks off with opportunities to connect and celebrate with like-minded people.

The rooftop will transform into the Flaming Canary Rooftop Bar with a completely new chic and unique fit-out. You’ll be able to put your best dancing shoes to the test with the new edition of the Flaming Canary Dance Bar on the top floor. Prepare to dance the night away with all your closest friends in this epic new space.

EI8HT will open on Saturday June 17 with a night celebrating both the old and the new, as the iconic venue is reborn.

Originally published as ‘Welcome to The New Era of The Family Nightclub’ by My City Life on 22/05/2017

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